Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Enter the Dreamzone

The setting was far from my ideal, but was comfortable enough, and I was in the right mind-set for an experience into the 'Dreamzone'
I placed a medium sized pinch onto a crack pipe, and inhaled deeply; holding my plastic lighter close to the herb... something came over me, disorientation... but I hadn't yet broken the barrier.

I loaded the pipe again quickly, keeping the flame in contact until there was nothing but white ash on the can, as I was inhaling my friend was trying to show me something to my left, but I couldn't give the least bit of interest in what it was. Now there was silence, and my consciousness became indifferent from my body, my surroundings, and my immediate and ultimate purpose.

Everything happened with such a rapidity that it was impossible to focus on any particular visual distortion that was taking place, my perception of ego and self where disintegrated, along with the knowledge of my whereabouts, what was this thing called Earth?
The fabric of time was nowhere to be felt, and I had absolutely no memory of taking any substance, which created not a fear as such, but an awe of where and what I had been projected into.

The lounge wall in front of me became a huge screen-portal into another dimension, I could see a weird and beautiful terrain which resembled Mars, perhaps the Cursed Earth from 2000 ad would be a better description.
In this planet there were dead branches and trees, which were seeping, and stretching into what was remaining of 'my' world, or that thing which I now perceive as my world.

There was a DVD playing on the 32 inch flat screen in front of this portal; 1408 the plot was disturbingly familiar to me, John Cussack was going through something like what I was being subjected to, his dialogue was directed at me, his attempt to comfort me failed and he was reaching his hand out of the TV screen towards me, it was clearly three dimensional, and I could if I had tried, grabbed his hand and gone further than I should have into the bardo.

At this point I became somehow aware that I should be in a different state, my subconscious sending out a faint signal perhaps, that things weren't supposed to be this way, I started to fight inside myself, to gain some, any idea of who and where I was. The concept that I had ingested some substance or herb came to me then, and I noticed a vial on the arm of the sofa next to me, and was positive that I had been poisoned, and had been sent to a place, some otherworld which was real but hidden from the majority, anyone who has seen the film They Live will see what I'm getting at there.

The journey seemed to take up a large portion of my life, possibly years, but in our reality and time frame must have taken no longer than 15 to 20 minutes, judging from the length of the film that was playing.

I became in my consciousness, every abstract fear which one experiences inside of a dream or nightmare state, seeing all things from the fears' point of view. That is the best description I can provide of Salvia's effects on perception.

I have gained an intense and genuine respect for this plant and its obvious power and benefits when placed in the right hands.
Somebody reading this I hope will attain a rough idea of what to expect from the plant, but please do not be fooled, you can not comprehend the experience unless you try, unless you take those first steps into the DREAMZONE.

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